Chinese Buffet Catering

Offer the best dishes and food choices and impress your guests with the finest cuisines that melts in the mouth and stays in memory. UNIQ Buffet is a premier catering service in Malaysia that offers creative & personalize menus for all occasions.

We provide buffet catering services in areas of Klang Valley, KL, & Selangor.

  • Impressive cuisines and menu choices
  • Bespoke food choices based on your theme & event
  • Tailored catering services
  • Use of the freshest ingredients & spices
  • Excellent service delivery

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Chinese Buffet Catering in Kuala Lumpur, KL, Selangor & Klang Valley

Our Chinese Buffet Catering Services is considered as one of the premiere producers of professionally made and authentic Chinese dishes in the land.  We always set the standard in preparing Chinese dishes in a very genuine and Chinese traditional ways. Our highly professional and talented chefs has mastered the traditional Chinese dish preparation, which is enveloped with all the taste and memory of how good a Chinese dish is. A truly delightful dining that every client and diners should enjoy.

The artistry in creating a customary Chinese dish is always maintained and practiced ensuring our clients with the freshest and top quality ingredients, serving you with only the most exquisite Chinese cuisines and beverages as well as the superb selections of gourmet teas from China which is definitely beneficial to your health.

Staple Foods in Chinese Cooking

The staple foods in Chinese cooking or meals include rice, noodles, vegetables, herbs, sauces and seasonings.  Glutinous rice or sticky rice is commonly used in many specialties. Our Chinese noodles usually comes in dry or fresh variety of sizes, shapes and textures, served in soups or fried as toppings and also topped with mixture of ground  meat and vegetables which is usually dried or pickled.

To add a more savory flavor, we also add dried Chinese mushrooms, dried baby shrimps, dried tangerine peel, and dried Sichuan chilies and many more spices. Our sauce usually comes from fermented soy beans, wheat, Oyster sauce, clear rice vinegar, chili, Chinkiang black rice vinegar, fish sauce and fermented tofu, ground bean sauce and yellow bean sauce.

Aside from that, we also got the best and delicious sweetness of Chinese traditional desserts such as egg tarts, fortune cookies and seasonal fruits. We also have the famous “baobing” which is shaved ice with sweet syrup. We also ensure you that our desserts are less sugary and milder in taste.

We will bring to you the World’s Most Acknowledge Cuisine

As tribute to one of the most appreciated cuisines in the world, let us treat you in to very fine dining memory filled with Chinese authentic flavors to the location of your choice. So, call us now!

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