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Offer the best dishes and food choices and impress your guests with the finest cuisines that melts in the mouth and stays in memory. UNIQ Buffet is a premier catering service in Malaysia that offers creative & personalize menus for all occasions.

We provide buffet catering services in areas of Klang Valley, KL, & Selangor.

  • Impressive cuisines and menu choices
  • Bespoke food choices based on your theme & event
  • Tailored catering services
  • Use of the freshest ingredients & spices
  • Excellent service delivery

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Home Buffet Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

Our Home Buffet Catering Services is committed in creating remarkable dishes, flavored with high quality homemade ingredients ensuring to give you the fondness flawless taste of home. Our expertise has given us the ability to turn ordinary homemade dishes and transcend it to extraordinary meals that you and all of your guests will definitely indulge in. With the help of our highly competent chefs, we are able to create twists on traditional meals into contemporary meals without compromising the original taste and essence of traditional and homemade cuisines.

Benefits of Home Cooked Meals

Restaurants and other commercially cooked meals are unfortunately high in salt and sugar content. Although this food are delicious and engaging, we obviously know are aware that this are not good and healthy for our body, Preparing your own home cook meals will help you encourage and train your palate to healthier and cleaner foods. In this way, the threat of obesity caused by eating on fast-food store maybe reduced.

That is why our Buffet Catering Services team are fully committed in providing our clients with great home tasting meals that will not only give our clients with a savory and mouthwatering taste but also total nutritional benefits which comes from the freshest and high quality ingredients that we use. This is ideal for any type of occasions. We can serve you a good quality meal along with a familiar taste of homemade foods and its nutritional benefits.

Affordable Home Tasting Meals

At very reasonable prices, we can surely give you a hassle-free celebration along with our sumptuous homemade quality meals.  No need for you to spend too much time cooking your own home made recipes for your special occasions. We will surely handle all the cooking and preparations for you. All you need to do is enjoy your own party. We want to give you the best homemade meal experience so call us now. We are happy to serve you.

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